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  • May/19/2009 - Summer-time
    Did good on my grade's all A's and B's. So that makes me pretty happy. However it is not summer, and I have little to nothing on the agenda. So if you think of any cool project ideas and wants some help, lemme know! Also I've been working on a little music project just for fun. If your interested, check it out: My Music Project .

  • May/03/2009 - Finals week!
    Well it is officially finals week. FINALLY got my 3-D Art Gallery Applet up under the Java section(CHECK THAT OUT). Well Things are moving along slowly, however I did start a music project. It's been alotta fun. Thinking about remodeling this site... but I got a lot of more important things to do. Take care lovers!

  • April/21/2009 - Long-time No Up-dates!
    I've been so-so busy. It's time for finals, time to find a job, time for the busiest summer of my life! I've posted a few more poems. I have so many new projects: MIDI Synthesizer, New Puzzle Game("Smoke and Mirrors", working title), two new web-sites, two new book ideas. The list goes on and on. Wish me luck! Aside from my busy nature, I have managed to put up the Art page. I promise to post more content don't worry!

  • March/30/2009 - Pictures and Pages
    Added the Web-Development page. I have been working on a few other projects, so these updates are going pretty slow. Thing's are gradually getting prettier, and more filled up. Stay tuned got a big project coming through!

  • March/26/2009 - Poetry Page Is Up and Running!
    I added the poetry page(under the writing section). It's kinda neat. Helped me brush up on those dusty PHP/mySQL skills I once had. I'm enjoying this web-site so far! I eventually will add viewer feed-back. My only fear of doing that is getting spammed! Anyhow, enjoy your stay, and remember, this page is getting updated fairly frequently!

  • March/25/2009 - Added Content!
    Added the Java page. This page includes my Nous(First Person Painter), Ataraxia(my RPG), and a source-code page. Also the biography page is up(not free from grammatical error haha), as well as the contact page. Feel free to check things out, and lemme know how you feel about how the site is coming together!

  • March/23/2009 - Website Grand Opening!
    Well this web-site isn't really "open" just yet. HOWEVER! We've got a basic lay-out, that I personally enjoy. A few other "digs". If you're here right now chances are your a friend of mine. Give me some feed-back people!
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